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I never thought my PDF conversion would be so accurate but this tool really rocks!
Jamie Curtis, CA
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123 PDF Converter

PDF Converter
123 PDF Converter is a intuitive business PDF conversion application which helps the users to easily convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Postscript and Images. The converted files retain 100% original format after conversion. The text, layout, tables, columns and graphics also remain intact.

The OCR feature allows the users to convert scanned PDF files to Word in flowing text format. The converted files can be edited easily using the in-built PDF editor tool. The software also enables the user to Batch Create PDF files and Merge Multiple PDFs.

The PDF file converter ease the day-to-day business documentation by allowing easy conversion of unlimited PDF docs in record time.
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Features of 123 PDF Converter

  Convert PDF to Word  
  With 123 PDF Converter, the users can convert PDF to Word easily. They can either choose DOC format or RTF format for the output. After conversion, they can carry out any modifications in the converted Word file.  
  Convert PDF to Excel  
  It converts PDF files into excel sheets. For clear understanding, it splits multiple pages with lines and gives numbering to all pages.  
  Convert PDF to Image  
  123 PDF Convert Software converts a PDF file into Image or JPEG format. It creates a separate image for each page and stores all pages in a folder specified by the user. The saved files can be used anytime when needed.  
  Convert PDF to Postscript  
  123 PDF file converter converts PDF to postscript. The software allows user to select and realize the end result or the final output.  
  Extract Images
  It extracts images from PDF files while conversion to other formats. For extracting images, the user can keep the default format of the images or select one of these formats like PNG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, JPG and PSD. For 'Image only' option, the user has 3 additional formats like PPM, PBM and PNM.  
  Batch conversation  
  It converts multiple PDF files into editable formats at once while making use of its batch conversation feature.  
  Partial Conversion  
  The user doesn't have to convert the whole PDF document to editable format if only selected pages are required. Just mention the page numbers to be converted to perform conversion on only those pages.  
  True Type Fonts Handling  
  123 PDF file converter matches the color of the text, font style and font size with the format in which the conversion is to be done. It ensures that converted documents are displayed as-is like PDF files.  
  Preserve PDF Components  
  While conversion, 123 PDF Converter preserves these PDF components:  
  - Rotated Pages, Shapes, Pictures & Text - It recognizes rotated pages, rotated pictures, text and shapes etc. in PDF file and preserves all rotated elements in the converted file.  
  - Bookmarks & Web Links - The converted document will have all hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments etc. retained as-is in original file.  
  - Superscript & Subscript - If the PDF file contains dates with superscript or chemical formulas with subscript, the user does not have to worry about their formatting. The best PDF converter software retains all the superscript and subscript text in the converted file.  
  - Text Columns Positioning - In the converted document, the position of text columns and text lines remains intact.  
  - Multicolumn Text Layout - It preserves original multicolumn text & page layout as-is in the converted document.  
  - Underlined Text - Underlined text is replicated exactly same in the converted document.  
  - Drop Cap - Drop Cap is also replicated in converted file.  
  Smaller File Size  
  PDF Convert Software optimizes the file size and thus the converted file is of smaller size. The user can easily upload and download a converted file.  
  Convert Master Password Protected PDF Files  
  123 PDF Converter makes it possible for the users to convert PDF files which are protected by master passwords. They must know the password of the file to convert it, because the software prompts for file's password during conversion.  
  Optimal System Resources Utilization  
  123 PDF Convert Software makes use of CPU, system memory and hard disk space in an optimal manner. Thus, other computer programs can work smoothly while file conversion gets completed.  
  Multilingual Conversion Ability  
  It converts PDF files in 9 different languages, including English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.  
  Customize User Interface  
  The users can choose between regular application interface and simple wizard interface.  
  Word to PDF  
  It converts Word to PDF using Add-Ins in Word.  
  Help file is available and can be referred for detailed instructions and steps of conversion.  
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