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I never thought my PDF conversion would be so accurate but this tool really rocks!
Jamie Curtis, CA
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123 PDF to Word
123 PDF to Word converter is a powerful PDF conversion tool which enables the easy and efficient conversions of PDF files to Word with great accuracy and speed. While converting files, it preserves complete formatting including the tables and graphics. The software easily identifies and set out tables, columns and paragraphs as they are in the original PDF. The software also has a partial conversion feature, which allows the user to define the page
range of the file to be converted rather than
converting whole file.

Convert PDF to .doc or .rtf

PDF to Word Converter Features  
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Features of 123 PDF to Word

  Bullet Convert PDF to Word(DOC) and RTF  
  123 PDF Word Converter converts PDF files to any of the two formats RTF and DOC. After conversion, it produces the files which can be easily edited. It replicates the whole PDF file to a fully-formatted Word document which does not require any reformatting.  
  Partial Conversion  
  123 PDF to Word converter supports partial conversion, which means that the users can select specific pages to be converted to Word instead of whole file.  
  Support 5400+ Fonts  
  The tool supports 5400+ fonts, which means that it can replicate the text in 5400+ fonts while conversion from PDF to Word Doc. In addition, the tool also supports True Type fonts, which means that there is no scope of any text not being replicated in the converted file.  
  Text Re-usability  
  The converted Word document can be reused in any way to create an Excel report or a PowerPoint presentation. You can just copy the content from Word and paste it in PowerPoint or Excel.  
  Retain all PDF Elements  
  123 PDF Word Converter retains all the contents of a PDF file during conversion. These include:

-     Images and graphics, charts and graphs
-     Hyperlink & bookmark
-     Rotated pages, rotated text, rotated shapes and images
-     Subscript and superscript
-     Position of text lines & text columns
-     Drop cap
-     Paragraphs
-     Underlined text
  Optimize the File  
  When the file gets converted to Word, it is of significantly small size. Thus, it can be downloaded or uploaded easily.  
  Convert PDF File which is Protected by Master Password  
  123 PDF to Word converter converts the PDF file which is protected by a master password, but only if you know the password. During conversion, it asks you the password of the file. If you supply the correct password, the conversion process continues.  
  Utilize System Resources in an Optimum Way  
  The software utilizes the disk space, CPU and computer's memory and other resources in an optimum way, which means that functioning of other programs in the computer system is not effected during PDF to Word conversion.  
  File Layout Options  
  Select among different file layout options while conversion, like - As Is, Text Only, Image Only and Formatted Text. These layouts give different types of views of the Word file after conversion.  
  Image Extraction Formats  
  While extracting images from PDF file using 123 PDF to Word conversion, the formats can be selected among JPG, PSD, PCX, TIFF, BMP and PNG. If the user has selected 'Image only' option, there are 3 more file formats PNM, PBM and PPM.  
  Batch Conversion  
  With 123 PDF Word Converter, multiple files can be converted from PDF to Word Doc at once.  
  GUI Languages  
  The software gives an ability to the users to change the language of the GUI to German, English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Norwegian, Italian or Spanish.  
  Output Summary  
  The software displays output summary of Word file before beginning with the process of conversion.  
  Help File  
  The users can access Help file to read detailed instructions to run the software.  
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