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Word Converter
PDF to Word Software - Challenges faced converting PDF to Word
Microsoft Word is a word processor that is extensively used throughout the world and its associated document format (.doc/.docx) is one of the most popular document formats. It is an easy to use format and anyone can operate it. The reason as to why so many people convert their PDF documents to word is that it is an editable file format. However, in order to do so, one needs user-friendly and highly functional PDF software and 123 PDF to Word, is equipped with various high quality features to do the same.

Convert PDF to Multiple Files Format

  There are problems one might have to face while converting PDF to Word. First and foremost are the formatting related problems. Many people have a fear that if they convert their PDF document to Word, the layout and formatting might be lost in the converted document. The elements such as tables, graphs, text, columns/rows, headers and footers are not properly converted to Word. This will not happen if you have 123 PDF to Word! PDF to Word software makes your conversion easy and hassle-free. None of the formatting, layout styles and other components get changed during the conversion process.  

The important features of 123 PDF to Word converter software:

  The line ends are accurately detected in the converted document, and each paragraph is demarcated.  
  The next thing that 123 PDF Converter software has is that recognizes text styles, fonts and colors while document conversion.  
  Elements such as a drop cap are detected and replicated as is by this software.  
  The tabular and graphical content is also detected and converted as it is to Word.  
  If your PDF file has hyperlinks and bookmarks, this software will detect them and put them in the converted document so that you could access added information from the hyperlinked document.  
The conversion of your PDFs becomes easy with 123 PDF Word Converter since all the information in the PDF documents is converted to Word in the exact same manner. The biggest challenge by far, while converting from PDF is the visual appeal of the document. The appearance somehow, gets lost in the conversion if it is not proper. With the use of 123 PDF file converter software you can overcome all these problems. This software retains all the elements, whether textual or graphical in the converted document. Therefore, this PDF to Word conversion software is a must-have in your office kit! PDF format is widely used, but it has certain problems, which make Word score over it. With the use of this software, you can have conversions without any trouble. So, start converting your documents with ease and without any worries.
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